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The sun is high upon the sky
A few white clouds hang not so high
My legs in pain will fight the strain
That heavy breathing doth belie.

I ride my bike up many hills
The few declines my only thrills
My mind is working as it does
Even though this really kills.

My plan today to take a ride
Was meant to lift me from my slide
Into the horror of last night
When scared I me with what's inside.

I pedal slowly as I go
Mind revolted, now I know
Shellshocked by the news so grim
I saw it coming, go to woe.

The day is hot, the journey long
I can't but help think that something's wrong
So now I turn and ride away
From where I know I can't belong.

Drops of sweat from my eyelashes
Dropping down with gentle splashes
Softly, softly past my vision
Light my world with sun lit flashes.

Or blind me from my hopeless love
I have no word that rhymes with flashes.

This poem will remain unfinished.
I rode to Lawson.
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November 14, 2002
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