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Late nights make my mind dull
And my soul sore and my soul sore.
Bowing low my head as I
Listen to my heart cry 'Release
Me from this bitter cage'
I yearn for the love once sought
Once thought was possible.
Never believing the foolishness of
Me then, now, forever.
I free-fall into the night
Only that
She spared me the ridicule of
Appointing me a place among her boyfriends.
Just a thought.
mcivercork Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002   Writer
Hey LG,
This poem is good. There seems to be a bit of angst there. It is powerful, open and honest. And there is nothing foolish about that...

-bigred- Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002   Writer
Man, I really like this poem... I am not really sure who it is about, but there is a lot of emotion in this poem. I love the honesty of this poem, it is very good.
lost4everwthoutu Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002
i definatly like this one!! very bold words and i can feel what ur going thru!! i enjoyed reading this one, check out mine if ya get the chance!! Hug thanx :) (Smile)
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