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Why is my heart so filled with sin?
Why must I struggle with this filth within.
Save me Lord from myself
And show me how to love.
A poem I wrote in the early hours after a frustrating experience. It's just a reflection on some of the struggles I have.
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habibbi Featured By Owner May 3, 2005   Photographer
lovely words!!! n_n fav it
cardboardtubeninja Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2005   Photographer
Can relate. I like it
BlatantCriticism Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2004
The poem is very pretty; I like it. Lovely! :D
straightjacket Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004
I know how you feel.... well, I dunno what your expirience was, though I do know what mine was and your words fit what I felt to the T... Sound a lil cheezy but it's true :) It's a good poem, I like it a lot. Lots of feeling in those words...

I relate with the save me Lord from myself part the most of all...
angelscream Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2004   Writer
Hey. It's been a while since I have commented on any of your stuff and I felt compelled to comment on this. I hope you don't take this as me bashing your faith as I believe you know I once had that faith as well. I suppose I have taken on the place of a skeptic or something like that. Not totally agnostic, or athiestic, but not blindly following anymore. Myquestion to you is this. What is it all worth? I used to wonder the same things you do, why must I sin when I really don't want to and such? Now I wonder does God really want us to live a life totally feeling guilty for every single thing we do? I used to be so tourmented by the things I would do, but now I wonder if perhaps they are not as important to God as many would think. I know I'm not wording this too well but it's late so let me know what you think and maybe I can clear things up a little more if you don't get what im saying
rustkill Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
Hey, nice to hear from you again.

This poem was really about expressing the fact that I want to become more loving, and I found it hard to do by myself. But with God's help it is easier so I was calling out to him.

God does think it is important whether we sin or not since sinning means rejecting God... It is people's rejection of God that has made the world the wreck that it is today. One day God will come back to judge the world, and when he does, people will be be punished for ignoring and/or rejecting him. God is a loving God though and definitely doesn't want to punish us, and doesn't want us living in guilt. We can see that because he sent Jesus to take the punishment we deserve, and free us from the guilt of sin.

I'm not tormented by guilt, because I have been set free from my sin. Jesus died once for all sins, so even for the sins I have yet to commit - I know they were taken into account when God sent Jesus. That is an amazing thing... I only wish I could be so loving to those around me. That's what the poem is about.

I take encouragement from the fact that I can do all things through him who strengthens me. And this poem was about reaching out to him.
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